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Frequently Asked Questions

We work with your HR department to set up a temporary, private clinic at your workplace and bring doctors onsite.

Just about everything you can do in a traditional doctor’s office! This includes annual wellness exams, management of chronic conditions, and treatment if you’re sick or injured. The full list is here.

You will pay the same co-pay or fee you would normally pay at a traditional doctor's office. These amounts are set by your insurance company. Call your insurance to check eligibility and co-pays, or call us and we will check it for you. Patients without insurance pay just $199 for an MD's home visit. We are also adding nurses and physician assistant visits to make the care even more affordable.

Our doctors are all full-time, board-certified physicians licensed to practice medicine in your state, with 3 to 10 or more years of clinical experience. Currently we are selecting nurses, physician assistants, and medical residents, who will provide more affordable professional care under the supervision of experienced physicians. All of our healthcare providers undergo additional training on standards of care and point-of-care device use. We encourage you to rate our service and our providers.

Sure. We believe in fostering a long-term relationship between patients and their family/primary doctors. Please ask your doctor about us and we will provide equipment, software, training and billing services to help your trusted physician see you in the comfort of your home.

All rapid tests are FDA approved and CLIA waived. This means they have the same accuracy as standard tests in a traditional lab.

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