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Common Cold? Flu? Or Something More "Uncommon?"

Either way, we're here to help.

Urgent Care

Colds, Cough & Congestion

Pneumonia & Bronchitis

Sinus Infection



Sore Throat

Allergic Reactions

Bites, Rashes & Skin Conditions

Cuts, Scrapes & Wounds

Back Pain

Headache & Migraine

Body Pain & Weakness

Sprains & Strains

Sports Injuries

Vomiting & Diarrhea

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Chronic Conditions

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol

Cardiovascular Disease

Chronic UTI

Acid Reflux

Digestive Disorders

Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders




Metabolic Syndrome & Obesity

Thyroid Disorders

Arthritis & Joint Pain


Immune System Disorders

Skin Disorders

Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia

Travel & Adult Vaccinations

Flu Vaccine

Chickenpox Vaccine

Tetanus Vaccine

Measles, Mumps & Rubella Vaccine

Typhoid Vaccine

Meningitis Vaccine

Shingles Vaccine

Hepatitis A & B Vaccines

Polio Booster

Antimalarial Medication

Antibiotics for Traveler’s Diarrhea

Altitude Sickness Medication

Motion Sickness Medication

(Please schedule travel vaccinations two weeks in advance)

Women's Health

Birth Control Counseling & Prescriptions

Family Planning

Preconception Counseling

Breast Cancer Screening

Annual Breast Exam

Irregular Periods

Vaginal & Yeast Infection

Menopause Consultation

Menstrual Disorders

Preventive & Lifestyle

Annual Wellness Exam

Sports Physicals

Stress Management

Health & Wellness Coaching

Nutrition Counseling

Smoking Cessation

Weight Loss Counseling & Management

Lifestyle Modification

Disease Prevention

STD Screening

Cancer screening

Immunizations for Children and Adults

Not sure exactly what you have? Yeah, we've been there too.

Schedule a visit and we'll get it all sorted out.