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TealHeal launches the next generation of in-home medical care with the announcement of TealHeal Mobile Medical Office  and TealBag Platform

[San Diego, CA, February 18, 2019] – TealHeal, a leading startup in the mobile healthcare industry, announced the imminent launch of their TealHeal Platform, designed to revolutionize healthcare delivery.  

“As a doctor I've seen first-hand the terrible inefficiencies in the current healthcare system,” said TealHeal founder and CEO Dr. Gelena Lifchitz. “Patients wait for hours in an ER for a condition that could have been treated quickly in their own home, using technologies that already exist.  And doctors and nurses struggle to find the time to properly care for their patients in today’s ‘assembly line’ approach.  We can bring back the traditional experience of care in the home while improving outcomes with up-to-the-minute technology.”

According to ProPublica’s “ER Wait Watcher”, the average amount of time spent in an emergency room can be three hours or more in some areas; and emergency rooms are also an expensive and inefficient way to treat most common urgent-care issues.

The TealHeal Platform was created to change this dynamic and improve the process of healthcare for both patients and practitioners.  TealHeal provides a comprehensive approach to in-home medical care that includes a consumer-facing mobile application now available for iOS and Android, along with a of proprietary electronic health record (EHR) software, and the TealBag, a customized suite of in-home diagnostic tools.  

The TealHeal mobile app allows patients to request urgent care or schedule an appointment at their convenience; it also allows them to check the arrival time of their care team, as well as review the results of their diagnostic tests all within the app. In parallel, this information is accessible to the patient's primary care physician for followup.    

The TealBag leverages new innovations in miniaturization and digitization to offer a complete range of fully FDA-approved diagnostic tests typically delivered in an urgent care clinic, all in the patient’s own home.  From blood tests to cultures and even X-rays and ultrasounds, these tests are now available at home for the first time with just a tap on the patient’s smartphone to start the process.  The TealBag also gives the practitioner the ability to begin treatment with many common prescriptions right in the first appointment, rather than requiring multiple trips to the doctor’s office.

“We’ve found that seniors and parents of young children are the most enthusiastic, because the anxiety and difficulty of hospital visits is at its worst for them,” said Dr. Lifchitz.  “But there are many applications for people of all ages – for example, with the current influenza outbreaks, a simple in-home blood test can differentiate between actual flu and what’s called ‘flu-like illness’ – so the correct treatment can be started immediately.”

The TealHeal Platform is being launched in southern California beginning in March 2019, with a national rollout planned thereafter.  With increasing scrutiny of medical costs by both government and insurers, and with patients demanding better solutions, the home healthcare industry is expected to expand rapidly; Grandview Research estimates that this industry will reach over $517B globally by 2025, with North America the largest regional market.

“This is the new standard of care,” said Dr. Lifchitz.  “I believe that within five years, half of all medical practitioners will be using an in-home model for some or all of their practice.  Telemedicine is a valuable innovation but it isn’t enough.  At TealHeal we are combining the best of modern technology with the immeasurable value of hands-on interaction between the care team and the patient.”

To learn more about TealHeal and the TealBag, visit


About TealHeal
TealHeal was founded in 2017 in San Diego, CA.  The TealHeal mission is to reinvent the doctor visit based on a simple principle – home is the best place to heal.  TealHeal provides a mobile app, electronic health record (EHR) system, and suite of diagnostic and treatment tools designed to provide the full functionality of an urgent care clinic right in the patient’s own home.  Founder and CEO Dr. Gelena Lifchitz is an internal medicine doctor, healthcare management specialist, and entrepreneur.  Her co-founder, David Aron, is a software architect and aerospace engineer with over 20 years of experience in software and hardware development.