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TealTech joins EvoNexus, Southern California’s leading startup technology incubator

[San Diego, CA, June 2, 2019] – TealTech Mobile Medical, the healthtech startup enabling the heal-at-home revolution, has been accepted into the acclaimed EvoNexus incubator.

“Our TealHeal web platform plus our TealBag in-home care kit enable physicians to deliver technology-based house calls with all the features of an urgent care clinic, more cost-effectively and with a better patient experience,” said founder and CEO Gelena Lifchitz. “We are excited that EvoNexus recognizes the market opportunity and momentum around this new paradigm. We’re aligned in recognizing that the technology has finally matured, and it’s the right time for this transformation in the healthcare industry.”

With TealHeal®, patients and their families will benefit from the convenience of at-home visits, avoiding frustrating and expensive visits to crowded emergency rooms and urgent care clinics.  Physicians will achieve a greater reach for their practices and access to this growing market, as well as the ability to provide more care options to their patient base.

TealTech Mobile Medical will join the EvoNexus incubator in Q2 2019, coinciding with the Southern California launch of the TealHeal commercial pilot .  In this pilot, TealHeal will be partnered with a select group of providers, who will utilize the TealBag® mobile healthcare delivery system. The TealHeal platform will connect these practitioners with patients who prefer the convenience of house calls instead of crowded emergency rooms and urgent care clinics.

A key milestone of the pilot is to achieve 1000 home visits in 2019, thereby proving the advantages of this new approach to healthcare, as well as demonstrating improved patient outcomes and increased value for healthcare providers.

“We’re excited to work with EvoNexus’s powerful network including leaders in digital health, global technology firms, and the venture capital community,” said Lifchitz. “We’re confident that these new connections will help us to prove our model and achieve traction in the marketplace.”

To learn more about TealHeal® and the TealBag®, visit


About TealTech Mobile Medical
The company was founded in 2017 in San Diego, CA.  The TealTech mission is to reinvent the doctor visit based on a simple principle – home is the best place to heal. TealTech provides a mobile app, electronic health record (EHR) system, and suite of diagnostic and treatment tools designed to provide the full functionality of an urgent care clinic right in the patient’s own home.  Founder and CEO Dr. Gelena Lifchitz is an internal medicine doctor, healthcare management specialist, and entrepreneur.  Her co-founder, David Aron, is a software architect and aerospace engineer with over 20 years of experience in software and hardware development.

About EvoNexus:
EvoNexus is Southern California’s leading startup technology incubator and hub for the startup community with locations in San Diego and Irvine. EvoNexus empowers motivated entrepreneurs to turn their transformative ideas into fundable, commercially-viable companies.  EvoNexus is supported by corporate investors, including some of the largest multinational corporations in the world. 

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