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Chukchansi Tribe And TealHeal Agree To Deliver Advanced Medical Care To The Homes Of Tribal Members

[San Diego, CA, September 23, 2020] TealHeal and the Chukchansi Tribe of Fresno will deploy the TealHeal platform to members of the Chukchansi Tribe as part of a self-insured program run by Fred Alcorta, CEO of Chukchansi Insurance. Fred Alcorta stated: “Being able to take care of tribal elders in the comfort of home during the Covid-19 pandemic is a major driver to provide safe and effective care. Some tribe members have difficulties adhering to a medical regimen, limited access to timely checkups, and the fear of acquiring a COVID infection at a healthcare facility. By bringing rapid labs, imaging, and tele-doc services to them we believe will improve the health of the tribe.”

Local healthcare providers are very excited about the capabilities of point-of-care diagnostics and telehealth, delivered on-demand.  “This gives our visiting nurse the ability to provide advanced care in the home allowing our elders to remain in the home as opposed to transporting them to the regional health clinic for these valuable services. We are also entering into a study to evaluate the cost savings of providing care at home, not just for our elders but also for all members. We hope that at the completion of the study we will have enough data to share with other tribes wanting to reduce their costs and increase the quality of care”, said Dr. Alex Habibe, MD, a primary care physician coordinating the TealHeal program in Fresno. Dr. Gelena Lifchitz, CEO of TealHeal said: “I am very excited to be working with Native American healthcare providers. The tribes have been badly affected by the SARs-CoV-2 pandemic, that’s why rapid at-home COVID testing is an important part of the program. In general, our goal is to provide in-home top-notch primary and urgent care at an affordable price. We aim to reduce the number of unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalization with proactive “one-stop-shop” care delivery. At TealHeal we believe that home is the best place to heal. This resonates well with the Native American culture, and we are glad to bring premier wireless technology with a human touch and cultural awareness”.

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About TealTech Mobile Medical
The company was founded in 2017 in San Diego, CA.  The TealTech mission is to reinvent the doctor visit based on a simple principle – home is the best place to heal. TealTech provides a mobile app, electronic health record (EHR) system, and suite of diagnostic and treatment tools designed to provide the full functionality of an urgent care clinic right in the patient’s own home.  Founder and CEO Dr. Gelena Lifchitz is an internal medicine doctor, healthcare management specialist, and entrepreneur.  Her co-founder, David Aron, is a software architect and aerospace engineer with over 20 years of experience in software and hardware development.


 About Alcorta Benefits Group

TealHeal works with Alcorta Benefits Group (ABG), which has over thirty years of experience in Healthcare Administration. It strides to improve the quality, value, and sustainability of self-funding healthcare. A leader in Native American resources for health benefit administration, providing the clients unparalleled quality in transparency, inclusiveness, and integrity.  To learn more about ABG contact CEO Jennifer Alcorta at

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