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Bring the urgent care clinic to your patient.

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Patients Don't Drive Sick.

Patients put themselves at risk by rushing to the doctor’s office or emergency room if they or their family members don’t feel well. There's no need to add stress by taking him or her to the hospital unless it’s a life-threatening emergency!

Patients with limited mobility and elderly patients can avoid tiring travel. A doctor or nurse will visit your patients at home on the same day.

Your Patient Skips the Waiting Room.

The Mobile Medical Office (MMO) triage team in the Call Center will answer your call immediately and advise whether you should call 911, rush to the emergency room, go to a walk-in clinic, visit your doctor’s office, have a home visit by our MMO care team, or just have an MMO tele-consultation.

Keep Patients Safe from Infection.

When you're sick, your immune system is especially vulnerable. Waiting for hours in the same room with other sick people may be extremely dangerous for your patients. Viral and bacterial infections constitute up to 65% of all iatrogenic diseases - diseases that occur as an unwanted result of medical errors or the ways medical care is provided.

Wearing a mask and washing your hands just slightly reduces the risk. Being seen by a physician at home eliminates this risk completely.

You Get Results & Treatment When You Need Them: Now.

Modern portable laboratory machines can process your sample and give you the results in minutes – yet still in the current healthcare system, patients wait to get their results. In a traditional practice, discussing the results with your doctor requires a separate visit to the office.

With TealHeal, results are delivered to you during the same visit. Our mobile medical office enables us to obtain test results in just 3-15 minutes at the patient's home.

Determining the correct diagnosis relies on equipment plus the analysis of many parameters.  Most procedures, like ultrasound, x-ray or electrocardiogram monitoring, are not immediately available in primary care settings. As a result, the right diagnosis and appropriate treatment are delayed. Our approach eliminates that delay.

Your Patient is Not Just a Number.

In overcrowded emergency rooms and clinics, clinical interactions are determined by the time allotted in an appointment book, not by the needs of each patient.

With our Mobile Medical Office, doctors spend as much time with each patient as medically necessary, giving real meaning to the notion of "patient-centered" care.

Your Patients' Satisfaction Comes First.

Bring a customer-centered approach from other industries to primary healthcare. Your patients' feedback helps build a primary care service that better meets all of your practice needs. Patients are encouraged to rate doctors, nurses, and the services you provide.  

We can provide tele-consults for your patients while they continue to see you for all of their primary care and urgent care needs. Reach out to us to become a visiting doctor.

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