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In-Home COVID Testing

Healthcare providers can test patients and staff for COVID-19 right in their homes.

RT-PCR, Rapid antigen tests, antibody (immunity) tests are available. We will bill your insurance.


4 easy steps for RT-PCR testing at home:

1 - Create your personal account

2 - Receive a nasal swab kit in your mail

3 - Collect your sample with video tutorial and send it back to our partner lab

4 - Login and review your test results




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Healthcare providers can test patients and staff for COVID-19 right in their homes.

Three easy steps:
1 - Create your personal account
2 - Receive a nasal swab kit in your mail
3 - Collect your sample with video tutorial and send it back to our partner lab

Create your account
Log In to Track Test Results
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Be the hero that brings testing – and peace of mind – to your patients and staff.

These are unprecedented times. Families in your community are anxious and worried. One major cause of this anxiety is the lack of rapid and safe testing for COVID-19 – especially for those patients who are experiencing potential symptoms.

Of course patients who think they may have COVID-19 are rightly concerned about going to an urgent care clinic or hospital right now. Even if they're not infected with COVID now, they could be by the time they get home!

So the only solution that makes sense is in-home testing. And by partnering with TealHeal you can be the hero that brings this urgently needed service.

But TealHeal helps you do more than just test for COVID. Our system supports you in triage to determine if the patient actually needs hospitalization. It also enables you to immediately begin treatment and monitoring for those patients who prefer to begin healing at home.

As the leading innovators in home-based urgent care, we are dedicated to helping physicians cope with this challenge and deliver results – and peace of mind – to their patients and staff. Contact TealHeal today to request more information and get started.


Our Comprehensive COVID-19 Solution

An integrated platform enabling:

  • Rapid at-home diagnostics and intelligent triage
  • Continuous monitoring of vital signs and symptoms
  • Tele-communication with healthcare providers
  • All major blood chemistry parameters. Same day results. No phlebotomy needed

Test for SARs-CoV-2 at home with immediate results: simultaneous testing of the presence of virus in nasal swab BioFire PCR tests provided through our partners at NeoAnalytics Lab and anti-bodies in the patient’s blood Cellex anti-COVID-19 IgM/IgG


  • Preliminary results in 15-20 minutes
  • Final results typically in 24 hours 
  • Detect disease at any stage
  • Increased accuracy
  • Comprehensive results with both RT-PCR and CELLEX antibody test (one out of three currently authorized by the FDA) 
  • Cellex qSARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM Rapid Test has combined sensitivity of 93.8% and specificity of 96%



Test for 27 Common Respiratory Pathogens – Just as important as verifying the presence of COVID-19 is excluding/confirming other potential causes of the respiratory syndrome. 

TealHeal allows you to test for Flu, RSV, Strep A, H.influenzae in the home with rapid tests:

  • Results in less than 10 min
  • Non-invasive

You can also send a sputum sample to our partner lab to get highly accurate RT-PCR results for all common pathogens and  their resistance to antibiotics

The cost of the test in covered by CMS and all major insurances.

  • 99% accurate results in 24 hours
  • Check for resistance 
  • No culture needed
Gather All Critical Data

Know all the vital blood parameters needed to fully understand your patient's case – usually available only in hospital setting: CBC, blood metabolic panel, CRP, procalcitonin, blood gases, etc.


  • Results in 15 min
  • Self - blood collection tool (micro-needle patch technology) - closed, single-use system, no cross-contamination
  • Small sample is enough for POC testing
  • No pain / no fear / minimize exposure for your staff

TealHeal lets you provide reliable and simple-to-use tools for monitoring vital signs and sending data to you for review. This allows you to keep patients at home if safe and appropriate, or recommend further treatment or hospitalization if needed.

  • All-in-one device  to measure temperature, SpO2, respiratory rate, heart rate, 1-lead ECG and BP
  • FDA approved 


AI Support

Our powerful AI helps you to connect the dots: a machine learning algorithm matches test results, vital signs measurements, reported complaints and history of present ilness to identify patients with the highest risks. 


  • Schmitt-Thompson COVID-19 telephone triage protocols – the gold standard
  • Rothman index COVID-19 – established predictor of patient’s decline
  • Automatic alerts
The Human Touch

It's well known that urgent care clinics and hospitals are stressful environments, and that healing at home is more peaceful and effective when possible. With TealHeal you can provide a "human touch" even when you aren't with your patient.


  • Support and connection through highly secure, HIPPAA-compliant videoconferencing
  • Patient’s data is readily available to the physician before and during video consultation
  • Video consultations provide the doctor with more time to answer the patient’s questions and concerns


Sign up now and bring your patients results – and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the TealHeal COVID-19 System

The company is partnering with Corona Pathology to provide both a RT-PCR test to detect the presence of virus RNA and Cellex serological tests approved by the FDA, to provide qSARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM Rapid tests. These tests are limited to laboratories certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) to perform moderate and high complexity tests.

We use a Lateral Flow Chromatographic immunoassay for the detection of IgM and IgG antibodies. Positive results for both IgG and IgM could occur after infection and can be indicative of acute or recent infection. We also use a COVID-19 real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCT) test for the qualitative detection of nucleic acid from SARS-CoV-2.

Immediately following the outbreak, some companies quickly launched simple home-testing kits to capitalize on this situation. The FDA has stopped those products until the vendors can show their products accurately detect the virus. Accurately testing for coronavirus with current PCR technology involves several steps, including carefully swabbing the nose or throat to collect a sample, placing it in a sterile tube, storing it below 46 degrees Fahrenheit and then shipping it to a lab within three days. Health officials warn that a number of things could go wrong if consumers try to swab, store and ship their own samples, potentially resulting in testing errors and undetected infection. This is why the TealHeal in-home solution, where a nurse or doctor administers the test, is both effective and FDA-approved.

Tests take less then 15 minutes to get preliminary results, with full results typically available in 24 hours.

The TealHeal solution is ideal because:

  • It allows the patient to #stayhome
  • Can be performed multiple times
  • Requires minimal training for nurses/technicians

TealHeal provides palm-size portable vital signs monitors.

BodiMetrics™ VitalsRx captures all vital signs in less than a minute. Records and reports to you with hospital – grade accuracy:

  • Temperature
  • SpO2
  • BP
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Heart Rate
  • 1-lead ECG
  • You can also prescribe VitalsRx for continuous monitoring:
  • Blood Oxygenation (SpO2 and Pulse Rate for up to 15 hours); 
  • ECG (24 hour Holter) monitoring, recording and reporting. 

Important differentiator: your patient's data will automatically populate the SOAP note and will appear in your e-Visit or Video-call report. 

Use CPT codes to receive reimbursement for remote patient monitoring:

99218-99223 Initial Observation Care
99281-99285 Emergency Department Visit
99291-99292 Critical Care First Hour
99341-99350 Home Visit Established Patient
99473 Self-measurement of blood pressure at home/education/training

Part B Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Effective January 1, 2020

CMS added 85 more Medicare services covered under telehealth. Tele-visits are now being reimbursed at the same rate as face-to-face visits.  We enable patients and doctors use the remote technology at its maximum. 

TealHeal COVID-19 response encompasses 3 essential solutions for healthcare providers:

  1. Secure Telemedicine platform
  2. Vital Signs self-monitoring tools for your patients, integrated with a platform
  3. Point–of-care COVID-19 testing – at a patient’s home

CPT codes and reimbursement amounts:


Code Descriptor Par Non Par Limiting Amount
99218 Initial observation care $105.19 $99.93 $114.92
99219 Initial observation care $143.60 $136.42 $156.88
99220 Initial observation care $195.38 $185.61 $213.45
99221 Initial hospital care $107.07 $101.72 $116.98
99222 Initial hospital care $145.26 $138.00 $158.70
99223 Initial hospital care $213.92 $203.22 $233.70
99281 Emergency dept visit $23.46 $22.29 $25.63
99282 Emergency dept visit $45.17 $42.91 $49.35
99283 Emergency dept visit $67.56 $64.18 $73.81
99284 Emergency dept visit $123.55 $117.37 $134.98
99285 Emergency dept visit $179.25 $170.29 $195.83
99291 Critical care first hour $232.64 $221.01 $254.16
99292 Critical care add 30 min $130.41 $123.89 $142.47
99341 Home visit new patient $58.29 $55.38 $63.69
99342 Home visit new patient $83.24 $79.08 $90.94
99343 Home visit new patient $136.63 $129.80 $149.27
99344 Home visit new patient $193.92 $184.22 $211.85
99345 Home visit new patient $235.95 $224.15 $257.77
99347 Home visit est patient $58.32 $55.40 $63.71
99348 Home visit est patient 89.44 $84.97 $97.72
99349 Home visit est patient $137.34 $130.47 $150.04
99350 Home visit est patient $190.60 $181.07 $208.23
99473 Self-meas bp pt education $12.45 $11.83 $13.60

TealHeal Telemedicine platform options:

  1. Video Visits
  2. E-Visits through patient-provider portal
  3. Symptom Checker/Basic Triage for COVID-concerned patients

We provide online scheduling of video calls and e-visits for your patients. You can schedule your video-visits just as you schedule office visits. 

Here's how the TealHeal Telemedicine platform differs from other products available today:

  1. Generate virtual visit report (SOAP note) compatible with any EHR with minimal charting
  2. HIPPA Compliant 
  3. Highly Secure: encryption technology used for financial transactions/ no data leaks. 
  4. Integrated with vital signs and test results

Our platform runs on Window’s based PCs / Parallels-enabled MacOs.