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So, what’s in the Bag?

Ultrasound once a very large piece of equipment is becoming miniaturized.  Imagine a small hand wand about the size of a Philips shaver placed on your abdomen and seeing your baby on a cell phone. 

Now imagine watching your small child in those cold dark rooms in the X-ray department, and having the tech tell them to hold his breathe and leave the room.  Now imagine having both these tests that can scan your entire body done in the comfort of your own home.  Take for instance a child experiencing stomach pains.  You’re not sure if you want to head over to the Urgent Care and wait for hours with your other children at the height of the flu season, and you are also not sure if you should wait until the morning. 

Having the ability to have a clinician come to your home and perform an ultrasound of your child’s abdomen within an hour brings a sigh of relief.  For children with anxiety being able to stay at home saves mom from the discomfort of convincing her son that the test is going to give the doctor information on what’s going on inside his body and that it’s going to be ok.  Pocket-sized ultrasound systems and in case you were wondering if its sprained or broken, wireless x-ray technology for mobile use can all be performed in your home.  And what a comfort to know the results are available immediately. 

With the TealBag we’ve re-invented the medical office.  The proprietary TealBag is unlike anything else in the home health care industry.  In fact, it’s what enables our teams to deliver value far beyond other providers and it’s the way of the future.  Wireless, Diagnostic devices, lightweight and portable, provide immediate test results.  At the touch of a finger, these results are sent directly to your doctor.  Literally in the morning when you follow-up with your physician, he would have already gotten your results and able to guide you onto next steps. 

So Common Cold, Flu or something more uncommon?  We’re here to tell you what that might be.