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The Modern Day Housecall Makes a Comeback

The modern day house call is coming back.  In fact, studies show the traditional house call improves patient care by targeting benefits such as lowering hospital readmissions.  Assessing cardiac care patients post-surgery with house calls by Physician assistants, lowered hospital readmission rates by 25% with the most common home intervention being medication adjustment.  

With emergency room visits increasing, approximately 30% of these visitors could have been treated in primary or other ambulatory care services.  Additionally, many conditions were termed as not requiring any diagnostic tests, procedures or medications – so they can be easily treated at home.  Economically speaking, calling on patients at home results in quicker treatment and less cost.  Additionally, physicians can learn crucial information about a patient’s living environment, leading to an improved personal connection.  Telemedicine, which provides a “sneak peek,” and home monitoring are recent advances in modern day medicine but fall short of that “personal touch.”  Neither provide a full picture, and doctors cannot test or treat through these approaches.  Home visits allow the physician to get a potential fall risk assessment and an overall view of the patient’s daily living conditions.   For those individuals who are homebound, a home visit saves their caregivers from giving up a day of work to take their loved one into the doctor’s office. And if medications are required, those can be ordered and filled quickly – saving time and delivering piece of mind.

Home is the best place to heal.  At TealHeal we offer a new level of technology-enabled house calls for the 21st century by bringing the urgent care clinic to you.  When you download the TealHeal mobile app and use our smart scheduling system, our AI-assisted human triage team will evaluate whether or not you should go to the Emergency department. Our clinicians will show up at your doorstep with the TealBag.  We provide a full health assessment, and bedside diagnostic lab testing, ultrasound, and even x-ray reports are generated and sent immediately to your physician for potential follow-up.  The TealBag is also equipped with medications so healing can be started immediately.